Help I've just been proposed to - What to do when they pop the question!

Help I've just been proposed to - What to do when they pop the question!

So, you have been proposed to. Both of your phones are ringing off the hook. The well wishes roll in, and you have never worn a piece of jewelry as shiny as this beautiful new ring. All is well and you are floating on a cloud of love...until the congratulations change to questions. “When is the wedding?” inquires Aunt Martha. “What are your colours?” asks a friendly but concerned acquaintance. “Am I going to be a bridesmaid?” texts your roommate from university.

The happiness subsides to stress as you realize you have no answers to these questions yet. Relax, because we’ve got you covered. Here are the first steps you should take in planning your wedding.


What general location will your wedding take place in?

There is no need to feel pressure to immediately select a venue. However, deciding on a city or general area to get married in is probably a good place to begin. Planning for a metropolitan wedding in Sydney Harbour is going to look a lot different than planning for a rural, subdued affair. Be sure to consider potential guests and whether or not they will have to travel.


What time of year will your wedding occur?

Do you anticipate a summer wedding? What about a winter wonderland? Will you get married soon, or hold off? These are all things that should be discussed with your fiance and decided on.


What is the overall vision of your wedding?

Close your eyes and imagine your dream day, marrying the person who has made you so happy. What do you see? Trust your gut and take notes on surroundings and colours. Chances are if your intuition has you dreaming of a beachside sunset ceremony, you should go with it.


Size and preliminary guest list

Consider how many people you want to have at the wedding. Will it be small and intimate, or a grand celebration? Draft up a preliminary guest list but understand that you may alter it later due to finances. Still, it is good to have an idea of who will be attending.


Wedding Party

Now is the fun part- you and your partner can decide who will stand next to you during your nuptials. Consider relatives, close friends, and individuals who you have been a groomsman or bridesmaid for in the past three years.


Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but these five first steps will help you have a direction for where you want to head. When touring venues and choosing food options, having these questions answered already will help streamline your efforts.