Inspired Ways to Use Flowers at Your Wedding

Inspired Ways to Use Flowers at Your Wedding

For generations, flowers have been the staple of weddings. Whether flowers are placed to enhance the atmosphere of the wedding, carried down the aisle or used to decorate the cake, it is undeniable that fresh flowers play an important part, and no wedding would be complete without them. Flowers can instantly soften the feel of a space and add fragrance, colour and beauty to any wedding.

When it comes to using flowers, don’t limit yourself to just the bridal party bouquets. Join us as we take a look at our favourite, inspired ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding décor.


1.      Centrepieces

While floral centrepieces are not a new idea, they have certainly taken on a fresh look in recent times. Many modern brides are opting for a ‘DIY’ look, utilising jam jars, bottles, or vintage china as vases for fresh flowers.  This can be single stems or a mixture of flowers and foliage to create a centrepiece that fits in with your wedding theme and colours.  You can even use candles to create a softer effect. Aim for a variety of height using different blooms to create a full, elegant look.

Another popular idea is to use potted plants as centerepieces that can be given away as gifts. Place one pot in the centre of the table for each couple and guests can take one with them when they leave. Be sure to choose perennial flowers – this will allow the couple to enjoy the plant for years to come, as an ongoing memento of your wedding.

2.      Aisles

Using flowers on pew ends and in aisles is a beautiful way to create a cohesive look that is welcoming and will enhance the look of your ceremony space. Try tying small bunches of fresh flowers to your aisle seats with matching ribbons, or hang single stems from small jars. You might even consider adding potted flowers beside each aisle seat – this can be an excellent way to bring a little of the outdoors in, and when the big day is finished you can bring them home or gift them to your bridal party to plant as a reminder of the special occasion.

Another way to utilise the aisle of your ceremony space is to scatter petals or fresh flowers in the main aisle for the wedding party to walk over. This will quietly introduce the theme and colours of our wedding in an understated way, that will also add romance and whimsy.

3. Cake

It is becoming increasingly common to compliment a beautiful cake with beautiful flowers, creating a stunning focal point for the reception.

Have your cakemaker show you some samples of cakes that use flowers, or bring along some ideas you have found yourself. If you intend on decorating the cake yourself, be sure to work with the geometry of the cake itself – round tiered cakes look best with floral accents spiralling around the layers, while a simpler cake might look better with a few blooms arranged on the top. Choose colours that work in with the cake’s palette and make sure the flowers are extremely fresh. It can also be a good idea to choose flowers that are edible, since they will not only add colour and beauty but will also add flavour.

If you don’t want to add flowers to the cake itself, why not use flowers to decorate your cake table? You can use a few extra centrepieces or you can sprinkle the table with petals for a soft, dreamy look.


4.      Bridal Party

Naturally, the focal point of any wedding is the bridal party. Whether you choose to have everyone carrying a full bouquet or a single stem, be sure that your flower choices reflect you. Be creative with your choices – it doesn’t have to be a traditional drop-shaped white bouquet for the bride– some brides choose to carry pomander balls, while others have a sparkly bouquet made from bright colours. The bridal party’s flower choices should catch everybody’s eye, and reflect the themes that you have chosen for your day.

It is also important to note the other ways that the bridal party can use flowers. The bouquet is not the only place that a bride can express themselves with florals. Consider incorporating flowers into your hair for the day, or having your florist create a wrist corsage to match the men’s boutonnieres.



We hope you have been inspired by these creative and simple ways to introduce fresh flowers into your big event. The possibilities for flowers are endless – so let your imagination run wild and enhance your wedding with beautiful, fresh flowers.