Wedding planning help - Picking a venue

Wedding planning help - Picking a venue

While there are many costs and decisions associated with planning a wedding, perhaps the most important (and hefty!) is picking the venue(s) where the nuptials and reception will occur. Read on for some helpful tips to take away the jitters about finding your perfect venue!

Research before you tour.

We all have those moments where we are tempted to just jump into things. However, my advice is to research potential venues before you tour. Consider the venue’s website, testimonials from real grooms and brides, and review websites online. Another tip is to ask around and see if you know someone who was a guest at a potential venue- this can help you determine if the experience will be ideal for both you and your guests. Researching potential venues and weeding out the improper fits will help you save time touring and also feel less overwhelmed.


Set and stick to a budget.

Some brides and grooms are sheepish about their financial capabilities when it comes to touring. They may be ashamed of what they perceive to be a small budget, or they may have not even set a budget yet at all. The best advice is to sit down with your finances, hammer out a budget, and stick to it. Be straightforward about your budget when discussing finances with the venue. Many venues would rather have your business than none at all, so if you tell them your firm budget, they will work with you to accommodate your needs.



Ask for a list of preferred vendors.

More and more, venues have relationships with vendors in the area. While touring the venue, ask to see a list of preferred vendors. Down the line, this can help the coordination process run much smoother, as the vendors already know the venue and how to perform their designated job there.


Ask the questions that matter.

The friendly individual giving you a tour of their venue is literally paid to answer your questions. If there is something you want to know, or something you want to make happen, by all means ask if it can be done. Even little things are worth asking about. Your wedding is special and you deserve to have your desires met! Some suggestions to consider when it’s Q&A time: Is there accessible, free parking for my guests? Is this venue accessible by wheelchair? Can I bring my own alcohol?


Try the food.

Lastly, if your venue incorporates food into their service, make sure you are allowed a sampling of some of the items on the menu. Even if later you tweak the menu to include alternative foods, you will not be surprised by the caliber and quality of the meals served.